Poster Programme

Poster Session 1

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

12h05 – 13h05 GMT

Food Safety Governance in Africa
Fruits and Vegetables Safety Regulations in International Trade and Africa’s Exports: Evidence from the European Union Market Olayinka Idowu Kareem
Compliance Assessment with Fish Quality and Safety Regulations by Industrial Fisheries in Lagos, Nigeria Elizabeth Mangai
Food Sovereignty, Good Governance and Peace in DR Congo Arsène Ntamusige
Assessment of Food Safety Legislation and Efforts in Nigeria Augustine Okoruwa, John Tehinse, Nwando Onuigbo-Chatta and Seun Elere
The Need for Forensics Support in the War Against Food Fraud: A Focus on Ghana Yahaya Sumara Sulley, Aaron Amankwa
Impact of COVID-19 on Food Systems in Africa
Does Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Purchasing Habit? Sarra Jribi, Hanen Ben Ismail, Darine Doggui, Hajer Debbabi
Audit Frequencies in Time of COVID-19 Restrictions and Recovery: A South African Sample Mutsa Rwasoka, Lulanie Swanepoel
Food Safety from Field-to-Bowl
Camel Meat Safety and the Status of Hygienic Practice in Abattoir and Butcheries of Nagelle Town, Southern Oromia, Ethiopia Kedir Abdi, Sisay Girma, Balako Gumi and Zelalem Ayana, Oudessa Kerro
Food Safety of Fresh Produce in Africa: Past, Current and Future Esther Areo, Amarachukwu Anyogub and Obadina Adewale
Bacteriological Safety Assessment and Coliform bacterial contamination of Milk and Other Dairy Products in Northwest Ethiopia Achenef Melaku Beyene, Zenebe Jemere, Baye Gelaw, Mucheye Getahun, Barbara Kowalcyk, Desalegn Mengesha, Seleshi Nigatu. Ahmed Yousef, Wondwossen Gebreyes
Exposure to Food Safety Concerns by Women, Men, and Youth in the Poultry Value Chain in Kenya; A Review Ariel V. Garsow, Kathleen E. Colverson, Barbara B. Kowalcyk
Impact of Selected Marinades and Processing Methods on the Microbial Loads of Japanese Quail Meat (Coturnix coturnix japonica) Idowu-Mogaji, Grace Oluwatoyin, Adepeju, Adefisola Bola and Oyedele, Damilola Sayo
Effects of Aframomum danielli on Microbial Loads of Watermelon Juice (Citrullus lanatus) During Storage Jokodola, Temilola Tolulope, Adegoke, Gabriel Olaniran, Idowu-Mogaji, Grace Oluwatoyin
Analytical Method Development and validation based on Paper Analytical Device (PAD) for Teff Injera (Ethiopian flatbread) Adulteration Detection Yeniewa Kerie,Ariaya Hymete, Marya Lieberman, Ayenew Ashenef
The Technical and Political Perspectives of Food Safety in Africa: The Last Three Decades Erica Kim, Sanja Ilic
Effect of Steeping, Handling and Packaging on the Microbial Quality of a Blended Traditional Food Thickener, “achi” Seeds (Barchystegia eurycoma) Kupoluyi, Abiodun
The Status and Trends of Food Safety in Nyankpala, Ghana Mohammed Lawal, Shamsiyatu Murtala, Yahaya Damba
Salmonella as an Emerging Africa’s Food Safety and Export Challenge: A Need for Urgent Interventions Firew Tafesse Mamo, Birhan Addisie Abate, Kassahun Tesfaye, Tigist Getachew
E. Coli and Salmonella Load of Tomato Sold in Nairobi Metropolis J.H. Nguetti, M.W. Okoth, J. Wang’ombe, W.F. Mbacham, S.E. Mitema

Poster Session 2

Thursday, 11 November 2021

12h05 – 13h05 GMT

Food Safety from Field-to-Bowl Continued
Antimicrobial Resistance Profiling of Pathogens Isolated from Commercially Sold and Home Garden Selected Fruits and Vegetables Olanbiwoninu Afolake, Awotundun Theresa, Olayiwola John, Fashogbon Rachael
Prevalence, Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Campylobacter spp and Salmonella spp Isolated from Poultry Value Chains Managed by Peri-urban women and Youth Farmers in Kiambu County, Kenya Robert S. Onsare, John Njenga, Noel Kambi, Susan Kiranga, Peter Osako, Nasandra Wright, Barbara B. Kowalcyk
A Survey of Fumonisins and Deoxynivalenol in Market Wheat Flour and Wheat Products in Kenya Phanice Kheseli Otieno, Susan S. Imbahale, Vitalis Wafula Wekesa, Sheila Okoth
Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Sardines (Sardina pilchardus) with Antifungal and Probiotic Effects Mounir El Boujamaai, Youssef Taoufiki and Abdellah Zinedine*
Effect of Climatic Variations on the Occurrence of Toxigenic Fungi in Wheat Collected in Two Moroccan Areas Aicha El Jai, Catherine Brabet, Noel Durand,Didier Montet, Mohamed Rahouti, Abdellah Zinedine
Food Safety Control Systems in Africa: The Role of Traditional and Emerging Technologies
Sources And Levels of Biochar on Tomatoes Seedlings Growth Egas José Armando; José Mendes Massango and Simeão Gabriel Balane
Efficacy of Cold Plasma Treatment in The Postharvest Management of Stone Fruit: A Case Study of Nectarine Zinash A. Belay, Neliswa A. Matrose, Oluwafemi J. Caleb
Assessment of Safety Performance in Banana Alcoholic Beverage Processing Factories in Rwanda Grace Irakiza, Viateur Ugirinshuti, Olivier Kamana, Martin P. Ongol
Application of the Box-Behnken Design for the Optimization of Processing Variables in White Kenkey Production Charlotte Oduro-Yeboah, Esther Sakyi-Dawson, Firibu Kwesi Saalia Christian Mestres, Genevieve Fliedel, and Wisdom Amoa-Awua
Disparity Between Farming Practices and Mycotoxins Contamination of Household Grains Among Farmers in Northern Uganda Godfrey Wokorach, Sofie Landschoot, Kris Audenaert, Richard Echodu, Geert Haesaert
Academic and Development Partnerships in Food Safety: National, Regional, Continental and International Initiatives
Partnership for Traceability and Authenticity of Mediterranean Food (Med food TTHubs): Case Study of Egypt & Tunisia Elkady G., Arfaoui A. Barkouti A., Trabelsi F., Dessouky Y., Banias G
Sanitary and Phytosanitary-Related Capacity Development in Africa: The Impact of the European Union Interventions on Market Access Olayinka Idowu Kareem, Christine Wieck